Pioneering research
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Pioneering research
Cold plasma technology opens new therapeutic perspectives for challenging diseases, e.g. cancer. First in-vitro testing has demonstrated that a cold plasma treatment of tumour cells may lead to cell death. As not every tumour can be fully removed surgically, the application of cold plasma may present an option for an adjuvant tumour therapy. If this should be confirmed in clinical trials, there is a new perspective for cancer patients.

Ally in the fight against antibiotic resistance
The world community has been fighting increasing antibiotic resistance for years. One important component of this fight is the reduced usage of antibiotics, for example. Cold plasma technology can make a valuable contribution to that end. Due to its antimicrobial effect, the application of cold plasma in wound treatment results in a reduction of the risk of infection. This has to be investigated in studies.

Reduction of materials, waste and pharmaceutical products
The resources used during a treatment with the kINPen® MED plasma jet are mainly the gas argon and electric power. It becomes clear especially when treating protracted and chronic illnesses that the fast healing process achieved through the application of cold plasma may help to save a lot of material costs.

Relief for the health system
Chronic diseases are a substantial challenge for the health system. The cold plasma therapy with the kINPen® MED plasma jet and its proven effectiveness especially when treating chronic wounds or skin disorders has the potential to free up valuable capacities for other tasks and to reduce costs, as patients are dischargeable from the clinic earlier and can be transferred to ambulatory treatment.

Better quality of life for the patient
Badly healing or even chronic wounds often have a strong impact on the psychological and social state of the patients. The effective, fast and mostly pain-free treatment with the kINPen® MED plasma jet, during which no side effects or resistance development have been observed so far, may provide major relief to the patients and may increase their quality of life.