Plasmajet kINPen® MED
Pinpoint precision technology
for an effective wound therapy

Highest precision Made in Germany

Spot-on therapeutic progress

The world’s first plasmajet for the medical application of tissue-compatible cold plasma
The kINPen® MED product is the first plasmajet CE-marked as a class IIa medical device for the treatment of chronic wounds and pathogen-induced skin disorders.

The revolutionary technology of the plasmajet kINPen® MED ensures a consistent plasma quality and a controlled treatment process. Physical cold plasma is applied to the wound at a temperature of < 40° Celsius with pinpoint precision and without direct contact, even in the case of complex wounds and wound environments with recesses and cavities. The effect may extend even to chronic wounds that are beyond treatment, which makes it potentially suitable for the prevention of possible amputations. The treatment range of the therapy encompasses inactivation of multi-resistant pathogens such as MRSA and stimulation of tissue regeneration.

In the plasmajet kINPen® MED product, the cold plasma is generated from the inert gas argon. This ensures consistent plasma quality with every treatment.

The result of research – for practical application
The innovative cold plasma therapy is the result of many years of scientific cooperation between neoplas med GmbH, the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP), the University Hospital Greifswald, the Charité Hospital Berlin and various other partners in research and industry.