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PRESS RELEASE: neoplas med and Niterra expand strategic partnership


  • Strategic investment and doubling of sales lay foundation for further global expansion and product development of neoplas med
  • Treatment with neoplas med Plasmajet brings faster healing and has cost advantages
  • State Secretary of Economics Jochen Schulte commends neoplas med’s innovative spirit

Greifswald, 24.04.2023. The Greifswald-based medical technology company neoplas med GmbH and its strategic partner, the technology company Niterra, are further expanding their successful partnership with a growth investment through their investment team in partnership with Pegasus Tech Ventures. The aim of the investment is to further support the global expansion and to advance the development of new products and applications.

In June 2022, neoplas med GmbH and Niterra Co., Ltd., the Japanese tech group formerly known as NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. until April 2023, announced a strategic partnership coinciding with an investment. neoplas med GmbH has developed a revolutionary therapy for treating chronic and infected wounds using cold plasma, which is applied without contact and with minimal pain under visual control. The kINPen® MED cold plasma technology effectively kills germs and pathogens and while also stimulating microcirculation, neovascularization and cell proliferation. This therapy presents a new opportunity for individuals suffering from diabetic foot syndrome and other chronic wounds. A study conducted on the effectiveness of the therapy showed that 59 percent of wounds were healed within six weeks, compared to only five percent with previous standard therapies. This represents a significant advancement in the field of wound treatment. A recent scientific paper demonstrated that not only do chronic and infected wounds heal faster with the kINPen® MED therapy, but it is also up to 52 percent less expensive on average than standard care.

“We have doubled our sales in 2022 and thank our strategic partner Niterra for their trust and support in driving the internationalization and development of new distribution channels. We are proud of this and excited that Niterra continues to expand its strategic investment. This is another milestone in our efforts to further develop our ground-breaking jet plasma technology and make it available to as many people as possible worldwide,” says Ulrike Sailer, CEO neoplas med GmbH.

Technology sets new standards

Niterra Co., Ltd. is a Japanese tech group that specializes in spark plugs, sensor technology and technical ceramics since its inception. The company also has a medical division and develops respiratory, women’s health, homecare and plasma technologies. With a balance sheet of $1+ billion and a $100 million corporate venture capital fund established in partnership Pegasus Tech Ventures, they invest globally in cutting-edge technologies, including medical devices. In their pursuit of new growth opportunities, Niterra became aware of the Greifswald-based company. “neoplas med technology and its recognition by the medical expert community appeared very interesting to us om the beginning. Under the leadership of Ulrike Sailer the company has been striving and I’m very excited about its potential to further grow and expand. The expansion of our partnership is a logical step that we are taking together to disrupt the wound care market for both chronic and acute wounds. ” said Dirk Schapeler, President of Niterra Ventures Company at Niterra Co.,Ltd.

eoplas med GmbH is recognized by the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as an innovation driver. “neoplas med GmbH stands for innovative cutting-edge technology from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. By advancing its cold plasma jet technology, even more patients in Germany and around the world can be reached and suffering further relieved. The company is continuously developing its Greifswald location. It is good that it is pushing ahead with internationalization. National markets with competitive products ultimately also contribute to securing and also creating well-paid jobs in Western Pomerania,” said Jochen Schulte, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economics, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labour.

As jet cold plasma therapy is expected to become a standard wound care treatment, the Greifswald- based company has applied for reimbursement to the Federal Joint Committee. The therapy has great potential, and the committee has taken the first steps to ensure that health insurance companies will cover the treatment in the future. Until then, some insurance companies cover the treatment, and it is also affordable for those who pay “out of pocket”.


Cold physical plasma is an ionized gas created by electrical energy. The plasma jet kINPen® MED uses the noble gas argon for this purpose. It is applied to the affected wound with pinpoint accuracy by a jet beam and ensures that germs and pathogens are killed and cells are stimulated to grow and close the wound again.

About neoplas med GmbH

neoplas med GmbH was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology e. V. (INP) in Greifswald. Ulrike Sailer has been the managing director since the end of 2019. The company develops innovative products for medical applications based on INP’s plasma medical research. The first milestone is the CE-certified plasma jet kINPen® MED, which was the first plasma jet worldwide to be approved for the treatment of chronic wounds and pathogen- related diseases of the skin. The precision technology was developed together with INP as incubator and in collaboration with the Plasma Medicine Cluster in Greifswald. It is the world’s best studied and documented device for plasma treatment of infected and chronic wounds. This is confirmed, among others, by two clinical RCT studies published in JAMA Network Open and Nature Scientific Report, which have also been included in the S2K guideline recently published by the AWMF. Currently, the application for testing of cold plasma therapy initiated by neoplas med has been submitted to the Federal Joint Committee, which has already confirmed the method’s potential as a necessary treatment alternative. Following the decision of the G-BA on February 16, 2023, the trial will be conducted, subject to review by the BMG and publication in the Federal Gazette. For further information, please visit

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