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PRESS RELEASE: Medical innovator neoplas med wins Japanese tech group as additional strategic partner

  • NGK SPARK PLUG invests in the innovation leader for cold plasma jet therapy and thus in cutting-edge technology for wound healing
  • Expansion of promising cold plasma jet technology means hope and cure for many patients worldwide
  • NGK SPARK PLUG’s strategy for diversifying its business areas also includes wound care in a future-oriented manner

Greifswald, 18. 07. 2022. The innovative cold plasma jet technology is a future-oriented medical technology business field also for global players such as the Japanese technology group NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. The latter is now participating in neoplas med GmbH as a strategic partner. The young medical technology company is a leader in the field of cold plasma jet technology for accelerating wound healing. Both companies share many years of expertise in plasma technology and medical technology. The common goal of this partnership is the further development of cold plasma technology and international market development.

With its disruptive cold plasma jet process, neoplas med GmbH is achieving the latest advances in wound healing and opening up a highly innovative, additional business field for the Japanese technology group. 50 million people worldwide suffer from chronic, non-healing wounds, which represent an annual cost factor of 100 billion dollars for the healthcare system. The use of the cold plasma jet procedure with the kINPen® MED enables these patients to significantly improve their quality of life. At the same time, the health care system is relieved.

Tailwind for cold plasma jet technology

The unique selling points of neoplas med include the argon-fueled plasma jet kINPen® MED with its non-contact, pinpoint application, which makes it particularly suitable for use on uneven wound surfaces and cavities. In addition, it has been proven to accelerate wound healing, improve patient tolerability and reduce treatment costs, as evidenced by recognized clinical studies published in renowned international journals such as JAMA Open Network and Nature Scientific Report. With more than a quarter of a million treatments with the usage of kINPen® MED, neoplas med’s technology is widely used in the market.

“With our new strategic partner, we get additional tailwind for the further development of our cold plasma jet technology into new fields of application for the needs of patients and the departure into new international markets. NGK’s entry is based on the demonstrated potential for neoplas med’s technology, which means hope for the large number of affected sick people,” says Ulrike Sailer, CEO of neoplas med GmbH.

Japanese tech company NGK SPARK PLUG Co, LTD. is investing growth capital from its €100 million venture capital fund. “With our investment, we want to accompany the collaboration with neoplas

med in the field of state-of-the-art wound healing technologies to improve the quality of life of patients worldwide. “, says Dirk Schapeler, President of Business Creation at NGK.

Technology group invests in future-oriented business areas

NGK is primarily known as a leading manufacturer of spark plugs for cars and all types of combustion engines. Due to the growing market share of electric vehicles, the company has set up a business unit with more than 300 employees. This unit is concerned with the transformation of the company into new, future-oriented business areas. Wound care, respiratory care, age-friendly living, home care, clean water and air, and land-based food production are just some of the areas the company is investing in. NGK SPARK PLUG works closely with portfolio companies to grow their businesses. In this context, neoplas med GmbH is not the first medical technology company in which NGK SPARK PLUG has invested. With CAIRE Inc., the Japanese technology company is already investing in an innovative and leading manufacturer of oxygen concentrators.

NGK SPARK PLUG is initially acquiring a minority stake in neoplas med GmbH as part of a capital increase but sees itself as a strategic investor. “Our goal is to accompany the worldwide use and further development of this groundbreaking technology in the long term,” says Schapeler.

Hotspot for Life Science and Plasma Medicine in Greifswald

“It is no coincidence that NGK SPARK PLUG, as a global leader in technology, innovation, precision and quality, is landing on the German Baltic coast in its search for new business fields,” says Sailer. “Greifswald is a hotspot for life science. The attractiveness is based on the internationally unique, established plasma medicine cluster “from bench to bed to business” consisting of excellent basic research of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology e. V. (INP), the Greifswald University Medical Centre as well as the Karlsburg Clinic and its Diabetes Competence Centre (KDK) shared with the INP, the Rostock University Medical Centre as well as neoplas med with its development and production of plasma medicine products. This makes Greifswald one of the world’s pioneer locations and drivers of cold plasma jet technology. We would like to thank the federal government and the state, which have supported the development of this innovative cutting-edge technology at the Greifswald site from the very beginning. “

Support from the political world

Jochen Schulte, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labor in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is delighted with the success: “neoplas med GmbH is an excellent example of innovative cutting-edge technology made in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Their cold plasma jet technology is already helping thousands of people to experience relief for their suffering. The strategic investment of an international company like NGK shows the enormous potential of neoplas med GmbH and its unique cold plasma jet technology. This is also a result of the cutting-edge research in the Plasma Medicine Cluster, which is supported by the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The goal must be for neoplas med to continue to develop at the site and for investments to be made in Greifswald. The Ministry of Economics will continue to provide the best possible support and assistance here. In the end, the decisive factor is that internationally competitive products are created that secure and create well-paid jobs in Western Pomerania.”

Accelerated product development and international market access

The partnership between NGK and neoplas med focuses on developing international markets such as the United States of America and Japan, expanding the fields of application into areas such as dental and ophthalmology, as well as the further development and digitalization of the existing technology to increase efficiency. Based on their plasma and medical technology expertise, both companies see an additional advantage in the exchange of know-how.


Cold physical plasma is an ionised gas produced by electrical energy. It is applied to the affected wound by means of a jet beam, among other things, and ensures that cells are stimulated to grow and close the wound again and that germs and pathogens are killed.

About neoplas med GmbH

neoplas med GmbH was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology (INP) in Greifswald. Ulrike Sailer has been managing director since the end of 2019. The up-and-coming company develops innovative products for medical applications based on plasma medical research. The first milestone is the CE-certified plasma jet kINPen® MED, which is the world’s first plasma jet to be approved for the treatment of chronic wounds and pathogen-related diseases of the skin and is marketed internationally. The precision technology was developed by INP as an incubator in cooperation with the University Medical Centre Greifswald, the Klinikum Karlsburg and the Charité Berlin as well as other partners from science. It is the best-studied and best-characterized device worldwide for the plasma treatment of infected and chronic wounds. This is confirmed by two clinical RCT studies published in JAMA Network Open and Nature Scientific Report, which form the basis for the current application for reimbursement to the Federal Joint Committee.


NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD., headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, is a manufacturer of ceramic products. The company is a world leader in the production of spark plugs and automotive sensors for internal combustion engines and offers a wide range of components for semiconductor production equipment, cutting tools, and industrial ceramics under the NTK brand name. A global network of sales and production organizations and over 16,000 employees ensure that value is created worldwide. The company contributes to a sustainable society by developing products for the environment, energy, next generation vehicles and medical devices and diagnostics. As a leading manufacturer, NGK SPARK PLUG delivers innovative solutions to improve our world. For more information, visit  

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